Neon Racing


Neon Racing Branding & Kit Design I am honored to have had to opportunity to, not only design for this team of badass women, but serve as a team member as well. These ladies are impressive and motivate me to work hard as a cyclist and as a designer.  Keep your eye out for these [...]

Haw Ridge


Haw Ridge Tick Logo Print Design If you are familiar with the wild and wooly Haw Ridge, then you you have probably are aware it is known for its visitors coming home with a few extra friends. I created this little logo design for Clinch Valley Trail Alliance to use on swag to help raise [...]



New2Knox Branding All I can say is wow. This was probably one of my favorite projects. Mostly because working with the Emilys of New2Knox was a highlight of my career. I cannot say enough good things about those incredible ladies. Branding N2K was so much fun and I am honored they hired me to [...]

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